Flooring & Dance Floors


Rental Rate: $50.00


Additional Information

  • --4'x4'* Panels x 2.75" high (48#/panel) Textured panel top for slip resistance
  • *Panels are scored to be easily cut into 2'x4' pieces with Skilsaw (when laying with 2' pieces, make sure to STAGGER installation like bricklaying)
  • --Hollow cavity backing for less weight, HOWEVER a tarp should be laid beneath entirety of flooring if muddy conditions exist or will exist. It is a nightmare to clean these cavities.
  • --Load Capacity: 25,000#/sq. ft. / Panel Strength: Up to 180PSI
  • --Structural Foam Molded w/ high density polyethylene (100% HDPE Plastic)
  • --Usable Temp Range: -10 to 110degrees Fahrenheit
  • --Cleaning: Medium to High Pressure Wash (detergents and antibacterial agents MAY be used)
  • --Flame Resistance: Exceeds UL94HB (test results available from mfg. upon request)
  • --Snaplock Flooring will slide atop these panels. Reusable rubber membrane should be laid approx. 4' apart to give enough friction to prevent sliding (and/or perimeter if just dance floor)
  • --CAN staple directly into flooring for carpeting (they'll easily pop right out when carpet is pulled up)
  • --CAN drill stake holes without drastically affecting integrity of engineering specs
  • (this style of flooring does not have any edging)
  • 16 panels/pallet (when coming from mfg., anyway)

* Prices are subject to change. Applicable sales tax, delivery and other fees not included in this price estimate.
* Please call us with any questions about our charcoal undulating base deck flooring serving Honesdale PA, Wayne County, and surrounding areas.